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Zeta It appears that Marcus Overhagen, a well-known BeOS developer, has been recieving threats from YellowTAB. Marcus writes: "Using an alleged NDA (non disclosure agreement) breach, he promises to undertake everything that is possible to sue me. He claimes that even this mail is protected by the NDA that I signed with Yellowtab, but I'm certain that it doesn't apply here. At the end, he says that a copy of that mail was sent to their lawyer, who is now checking legal measures against me."
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Take it from me...
by looncraz on Sun 21st Aug 2005 04:53 UTC
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As the originator of the Zeta idea, the creator of the original binary base (BeOS Dano R5.1d0-Exp), and an ex-yellowTAB slave, I think I have a fair understanding of Bernd.

To Bernd, yellowTAB is a business, nothing else. To best understand where he is going with yellowTAB, it is best to see what he has done in the past.

Bernd use to own/operate a construction company, he had some small contracts, then finally slimed his way into a few big contracts. I cannot be sure why, as he essentially refused to go into much detail, he either got screwed over, or ran it into the ground. Either way, he came out on top with the business liquidated.

I do not know the name of the company, but a little sleuthing should be able to find out why the company he had in Germany before failed. And can pretty much bet that yellowTAB will go the same route. I would guess that trying to play in the bigs, and trying to pull off the image of a full-on army, without the guns to back it up, had much to do with it.

Okay, and now for what I know yellowTAB *HAS* permission to do:

When Be, INC switched focus, yellowTAB obtained a 'BeOS Personal Edition Distrobution License.'

They are not the only ones, either. The license does not permit access to the source code. In fact, it didn't seem to me that even allowed for modifications of binaries (my main work at yT).

While I was at yT, talks were in fact going on with someone at PalmSource in relations to BeOS.

Except that it was not sanctioned talks with PalmSource, just someone who worked there who said that PalmSource did not give a rats arse about BeOS, just thought the ownership of the rights and talent might help drive value up in their company more than the investment. Business, pure business.

What I am not sure about, but believe:

Bernd is planning on running yellowTAB into the ground for his personal profit.

It is my feeling that yellowTAB is hacking away at sections of the Haiku code, replacing such things as the kernel with that code in Zeta. In order to do this, they only need access to the leaked BeOS sources, which may or may not still be available (though I know they have code, I only saw tiny peices of it when at yT, some was corrupted(!)).

Well, I guess that will be all for now.

--The loon

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