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Microsoft The Inq reviews Office 2007, and concludes: "It's hard to define, but the new office suite feels good and is comfortable to use. That said if your requirements don't stretch beyond the normal usage of the odd letter, a spreadsheet to balance your budget and some email then there isn't a lot to recommend forking over cash for Office 2007, when there are several free options out there are increasingly attractive and compatible with Office documents."
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RE[8]: References?
by Jemm on Fri 2nd Feb 2007 10:33 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: References?"
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"Maybe the use of a standardized XML based format will serve this purposes, but as far as I know, "Office 2007" does not use its "OOXML" by default."

OOXML is the new default format for the Office 2007.

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