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Novell and Ximian When Novell and Microsoft announced their unlikely partnership, a part of the arrangement that got little attention at the time was that they'd create a joint research facility, where both company's technical experts would collaborate on new joint software solutions. Now, they're staffing up.
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Godd for who ...
by Moulinneuf on Fri 2nd Feb 2007 14:45 UTC
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We got the usual people cheering there boss ... Now on with the real question :

"which "will be around for the long term, and will focus on interoperable virtualization between the Windows and SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server)."

Do they plan on making it Free Software and available to all the GNU/Linux community or its just a smoking mirror that will not do anything of interest to anyone.

"Virtualization, Office OpenXML/ODF interoperability, WS-Management interoperability, and directory federation"

This remind me of Microsoft at its best join , embrace and extend and blame all others that they are at fault for not being compatible ... Again what's to exactly come of it for everyone ? Something that others who are not Novell and Microsoft wont have ...

Microsoft is not the enemy , it cant stop or affect GNU/Linux at all , its the compromise people that are a nuisance , they are cheering for Microsoft to help GNU/Linux at the expanse of blaming those who built GNU/Linux and accusing them of damaging there creation.

Last I looked Microsoft don't offer there main software
for GNU/Linux.

I don't see this as a good thing , but thats because I am rational , and I know my history. Microsoft as killed all other office solutions who compromised. They did it exactly in that way.

Too bad that those who say its a good thing are not willing to engage everything they got in a locked contract an in fiduciary with a 2 year period.

If its good they got to keep everything they have , if its bad they got to pay for lying and compensate for everyone loss.

Sorry I don't see this deal as a win-win situation for EVERYONE in GNU/Linux.

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