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Novell and Ximian When Novell and Microsoft announced their unlikely partnership, a part of the arrangement that got little attention at the time was that they'd create a joint research facility, where both company's technical experts would collaborate on new joint software solutions. Now, they're staffing up.
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RE[2]: ms/novell
by kaiwai on Fri 2nd Feb 2007 18:28 UTC in reply to "RE: ms/novell"
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And how is licencing and paying a fee for Mp3 any less evil than having to do the same thing with wma/wmv? considering that wma/wmv are merely mpeg4 derivatives, I don't quite understand the purpose of your anti-Microsoft agenda.

For me, I use neither, I prefer using ogg and other technologies that don't crush me, and my ability to move to other operating systems easily.

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