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ReactOS "As Vista's deployment ramps up, news has begun to circulate that its highly regarded Protected Media Path has been defeated. The Protected Media Path is an array of Digital Rights Management technologies that allows 'premium content' to be 'enjoyed' by the consumer. The individual that has been labeled responsible for this feat is Alex Ionescu. Alex Ionescu is highly experienced and talented programmer whose primary work concentrates on the community-based ReactOS project. ReactOS is an open source operating system based on the Windows architecture. To get a better understanding of his work, interviewed Alex who dispelled many of the myths surrounding his work, while also providing insight into his accomplishments."
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RE[4]: Demands
by tdemj on Fri 2nd Feb 2007 19:02 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Demands"
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I agree, CPUGuy, it's not that Microsoft has developed DRM because the entertainment industry was begging for it. The media is already DRM protected, because the hardware manufacturers teamed up with the entertainment industry. The hardware is already given. Microsoft could have chosen not to support DRM media, but they didn't have a choice to implement HD-DVD/BlueRay support with bypassing DRM.

Open source will not have a choice either. Not without cracking the DRM. Will it be cracked, like the DVD copy protection was? Only time will tell, but you can't blame Microsoft for not providing such a crack for Vista users.

Hardware manufacturers don't have a choice either. You can try to engineer the most compact storage system and the best DRM-free file format that beats HD-DVD/BlueRay, the entertainment industry will choose the company that provides DRM. As long as there's a single company that gives in to the movie industry's request, that company gets all the content and the $$$.

No hardware or software company can go against the content providers. Only the consumers have more power than the entertainment industry. Sadly, the average people will get the content no matter what. They are willing to watch TV despite 10 minute commercial breaks every 5 minutes, even if they have to pay $80 a month for that thing. People do complain, but most get the content anyway, regardless the price, quality and inconvenience.

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