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ReactOS In preparation to hist talk at the upcoming FOSDEM conference in Brussels, ReactOS project leader Aleksey Bragin in an interview details the code audit that the project is going trough, and reveals the intellectual property minefield that such a large reverse engineered OS brings. "I can't stress this enough: up to now, no suspicious or illegal code has been found during the audit. Buggy code - yes, this was either fixed or rewritten. Also, another part which is sometimes speculated about - that the remaining 3% of the unaudited codebase is illegal - this is completely wrong."
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Every few weeks I try loading the latest Reactos SVN live/boot CD iso into a VMWare server (the one that is free!) virtual machine, it seems to crash earlier during installation each time. Perhaps the Reactos people think as long as Reactos always crashes MSFT will leave them alone whether the code is audited or not; maybe they have a private version (not for download) that doesn't crash. Reactos doesn't seem useful for any purpose at this point, it seems to be pre-pre-alpha

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