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Novell and Ximian The Free Software Foundation is reviewing Novell's right to sell new versions of Linux operating system software after the open-source community criticized Novell for teaming up with Microsoft. "The community of people wants to do anything they can to interfere with this deal and all deals like it. They have every reason to be deeply concerned that this is the beginning of a significant patent aggression by Microsoft," Eben Moglen, the Foundation's general counsel, said on Friday. Update: The FSF claims this is being hyped.
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I hope Novel covered the bases
by Bit_Rapist on Sat 3rd Feb 2007 18:34 UTC
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Hopefully (for Novel's sake) they wrote up the licensing agreements with MS in a way that only covers the current code base, or has an opt out option should this whole deal go through, by opt out I mean an exit plan cause the deal will mean nothing for novel should the GPL 3.0 put them in violation of the license due to this deal.

I'm not sure that what Novel did was wrong and I can't say that I'm against the FSF's moves in regards to Novel's actions. There is a bigger freedom at stake should patent deals be 'legal' under the GPL of the future, and that freedom may well be most of OSS as a whole if the FSF fails to address this now.

I can see both sides of it, Novel made a deal that gave benefit to their business model (I can't slight a company for that) and the FSF is reviewing how the GPL license is written due to the fear that these deals may well undermine the GPL down the road (can't say I'm against that either).

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