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KDE Just over a year ago, Tim Butler wrote an article which outlined why he thought the GNOME Project was clearly the free software desktop project with the best vision of the future. KDE's Appeal Project, which has been brewing for some time now, looks to a different set of issues that need solving and has some very smart minds at work on solving those problems. In a few words, KDE's got some of "that vision thing" too, according to Tim.
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RE[11]: The problem with KDE
by segedunum on Sun 21st Aug 2005 13:18 UTC in reply to "RE[10]: The problem with KDE"
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quite good arguments! If there is something which isn't compatible with your world than it's a failure and even will kill a whole company... wake up neo.

On what basis do I make that statement? Mono has had millions pumped into it for five years with zero (zilch, zip, nada) returns, and it still isn't usable to attract anybody from the Windows world. There is simply no market for it.

Look at Red Hat. They've focused around Gnome in Fedora, and now they're focusing on Java gcj development with Eclipse (where the market is on Linux and Unix), GTK and Gnome. Fantastic. It remains to be seen whether they've made quite the right choices, but that's something that is going to get them results. Novell and Suse should just focus desktop development around where their expertise is - namely YaST, Qt, KDE and possibly Java. Start a project to enable good Java integration in KDE, support the new KDE Eclipse project ( and grow the market. Do something useful for the community and your customers and get rid of this crap.

If Novell continue to be undecided about what they're using and what they're presenting to people then Open Suse, and their products, are just going to end up as one big mass of flaming (just look at some of the bug reports) and uncoordinated duplicate efforts that just don't hand together. No wonder good people are leaving. Over to you Novell.

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