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Features, Office A Microsoft-sponsored open-source project is expected on Friday to release a translator that will convert file formats between Microsoft Office and rival standard OpenDocument, or ODF. Microsoft started the project at SourceForge last year, relying on three partners to develop the code that lets a user open and save word processor documents in two different formats.
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RE[2]: Yeah...
by hal2k1 on Mon 5th Feb 2007 00:36 UTC in reply to "RE: Yeah..."
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//Well, it is an OSS project, so noone is gonna stop you from getting an cvs dump and start hacking.//

There is no point.

The whole project is doomed from the very outset. It will never achieve 100% fidelity conversion form OOXML to ODF, because of the very nature of OOXML.

All effort should instead be directed at conversion directly between the internal memory representation of a document in Office and ODF. This is what the daVinci plugin does, and it has enromous advantages over the CleverAge approach. The primary advantages are that there is no need for OOXML, and ODF can be set as the default format with no loss of functionality of Office.

Why waste effort on a doomed approach that requires OOXML anyway?

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