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KDE "As one of our readers has pointed out to us, the latest (3.5.6) release of the KHTML rendering engine passes all of the tests in our CSS selector testsuite - making the Konqueror 3.5.6 browser the most CSS3-compatible of all. Also in the latest release is the implementation of text-overflow: ellipsis. It really is a shame that only a tiny proportion of web users have access to this excellent browser."
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Konqueror and Javascript
by llanitedave on Mon 5th Feb 2007 04:47 UTC
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I haven't noticed any actual bug in javascript on Konqueror, but then my javascript is pretty basic. I HAVE noticed that the javascript engine on Konqueror is slower than Firefox, but slightly faster than Safari.

I prefer Javascript on Firefox, and I prefer developing on Firefox. As far as actual day-to-day usage, though, I really like Konqueror.

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