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OSNews, Generic OSes "Based on an operating system called GEOS that was popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Breadbox Ensemble is a small (a full installation weighs in at under 10 MB) and fast suite of incredibly useful programs. While small, Breadbox Ensemble has a graphical user interface that mimics the look and feel of the Windows desktop." Read more...
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RE: One small? problem
by jchildrose on Sun 21st Aug 2005 15:55 UTC in reply to "One small? problem"
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Windows plays no role. It does require DOS, but all Breadbox really needs is a "sys c:" on the drive. It actually uses a lot less of DOS than Windows 9x did.

GEOS used to be the best OE for x86 hands down. A lot of the features it had in the very early 90's didn't show up in Windows until WIndows 95 or even 98, and some of the features in it's office suite took until Office 97 to be duplicated. Still, it's horribly outdated.

The best thing breadbox could do is to open source this product, and hope that some developers had some real interest in taking GEOS into to the 21st century - like 32 or 64 bit processing, or being able to process more than 256 colors. The biggest problem is it's API - it's a lot more difficult to program for than other OSes.

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