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OS/2 and eComStation 2.0 is close to be released for OS/2 and eComStation. Release Candidate 1 is available for immediate download in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian and Dutch to all customers of an active Support Agreement for for eComStation and IBM OS/2, via their download-area at the Mensys Online Shop.
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Because they want to :)
by mbpark on Mon 5th Feb 2007 22:11 UTC
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There are many OSes out there with minimal userbases that get updates all the time. In the case of Serenity Systems, they have paying customers who want this functionality. The continued development of their OS allows them to fund this development.

There are many people out there who run Operating Systems with what would be considered a minimal user-base, and there are too many of those operating systems to mention in one single posting.

There are also unique reasons for each person wanting to do what they want. It's called Free Will or the pursuit of knowledge. These people do what they want because they want to do it, and may learn something from the process.

While you or I may not agree with the choices that some people make for a choice of operating environment to use, or what software to port to it, its not up to us to criticize them, or their reasons, for doing what they do.

Otherwise, this is an accomplishment that's quite interesting, as this came out long before a native OpenOffice for OS X ;) .

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