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Windows Before you go snag a copy of Vista from the store shelf and install it, you might want to consider the performance differences between an upgraded version of Vista and a clean installation of Vista. ExtremeTech tests a couple of systems running the two different versions of Vista with media encoding benchmarks, gaming benchmarks, and synthetic benchmarks.
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//If you think about it, there is only one reason MS would include a clause like this, and that is to stop people going back to XP.//

It seems to me there is no reason at all for anyone to "upgrade" to Vista. It just seems like a pointless way to get rid of some money to me ... and risk that your system will no longer work, and lose some functionality, and speed, and rights in the process.

I just cannot for the life of me see why anyone would want to run Vista.

Paying for an upgrade to Vista seems to me to be a bit like paying for this software:

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