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Windows Before you go snag a copy of Vista from the store shelf and install it, you might want to consider the performance differences between an upgraded version of Vista and a clean installation of Vista. ExtremeTech tests a couple of systems running the two different versions of Vista with media encoding benchmarks, gaming benchmarks, and synthetic benchmarks.
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//That is a very funny site, the source code is a good laugh too...
calling home 14 times an hour over 24 hours.
I am going to get a test machine later and stick this on for some fun//

You don't need to test it, it has been cracked already!

"This crack was needed. I have heard that phase II of the Genuine Advantage program is going to create more consumer enhancements for all audio and video streams. Depending on your status, random hiss and frame sync errors are to be inserted into the stream in an effort to emulate mainstream DRM offered in proprietary operating system. As an exciting bonus, a tilt-a-wheel feature is also planned to randomly disable various components to even more accurately emulate the genuine advantage regular customers enjoy."

Another evil plot foiled!


"if one person reads this and the LGA page and realises the absurdity before buying Vista then this won't have been a waste of time:-)"

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