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Apple Ever since Apple launched its 'Get a Mac' campaign, with the accompanying 'I'm a Mac - and I'm a PC' ads, lots of people have voiced their opinions on the campaign; the content has been discussed, the actors, the humour; however, relatively little has been said about the actual goals - and consequently the effectiveness - of the campaign.
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by dazzawazza on Tue 6th Feb 2007 22:27 UTC
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I think they pick a likeable actor to play the PC then ridicule them. You feel sorry for the PC guy is some way. Slowly this transforms your view of the PC and PC users. Next time you go to buy a PC you say to yourself maybe I'll give the Mac a go. After all my PC has crashed loads and I feel sorry for people who's computers crash all the time.

It's not about making people buy macs it's about adding reasons NOT to buy a PC. People already have iPods and trust Apple so they need a nudge toward Macintosh.

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