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Windows Security tools that work with Windows Vista have failed tests to see if they can detect viruses circulating online. Microsoft's Windows Live OneCare security tool was one of four products that failed independent tests carried out by the Virus Bulletin. The security testing group found that Live OneCare missed far more active viruses than any other program tested.
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RE[10]: Not a Vista fan...
by hal2k1 on Wed 7th Feb 2007 01:33 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: Not a Vista fan..."
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//A few years back while I was running Linux, I happened to be on my admin account doing something, started up XChat (probably to get some help with an issue I was having or something), and XChat firmly put up a warning, basically calling me an idiot for going onto the internet as root, and asked me if I wanted to continue.
As you can see, the same problem still exists in Linux. //


That is an interesting take on it, for sure. How exactly is it a problem if Linux gives you a warning?

Especially in the light of most users of Windows effectively "running as root" all of the time, because Windows more-or-less forces them to, and Windows not giving any warning about it?

Finally, I suppose you would contend that Linux 100% fails this test in the sense that it doesn't detect any viruses for Windows (or even run them for that matter) ... whereas anyone sane would say that Linux detects 100% of the active viruses for Linux and it does so without even running a virus scanner.

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