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Apple Ever since Apple launched its 'Get a Mac' campaign, with the accompanying 'I'm a Mac - and I'm a PC' ads, lots of people have voiced their opinions on the campaign; the content has been discussed, the actors, the humour; however, relatively little has been said about the actual goals - and consequently the effectiveness - of the campaign.
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Depends on your self image
by phoehne on Wed 7th Feb 2007 02:39 UTC
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Most people don't choose their OS or really type of computer. They order a Dell because that's what everyone else does, or get an HP computer at work and that's it. They don't see themselves as the "Windows" guy because they didn't choose Windows in the same way they would choose to buy a Mac. So most people don't see themselves as the Windows guy. We're supposed to identify ourselves with the cool, hip "Mac" guy.

Frankly, I think they're effective ads because they highlight the differences between the products in a way non-technical people can understand. Most people use Windows and don't think it's a useless piece of junk, but it's something for work, and somewhat boring. People don't understand the technical differences between iLife and similar tools that ship for a PC, but they get that the Mac is geared for home users doing "fun" stuff. Like most people I don't vew myself as a Windows user, but rather as someone who is required to use Windows for work.

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