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3D News, GL, DirectX "Last October we had compared the performance of the open-source R300 display driver against the closed-source fglrx driver for ATI Radeon graphics cards. In that comparison a Mobility Radeon X300 was used with X.Org 7.1, but we have decided to take another look at this driver comparison under X.Org 7.2. In this last comparison, the fglrx binary blob had greatly outperformed the open-source driver. While the fglrx driver remains faster, has the performance delta between these two drivers decreased?"
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RE[3]: why
by Damind on Wed 7th Feb 2007 03:17 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: why"
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"You forgot one

6) Security. The NVIDIA Binary Graphics Driver for Linux had a vulnerability that allowed privilege escalation to root ( "

I guess security will not be a problem with open source!

"7. Portability "
I get that and I agree but if the demand is not there for it then will it be done?
Case in point I have a few laptops that I use from day to day, I only have SLES 10 on one of them reason? I can not find a driver for my spent wireless air cards. I am sure an open source drive can be done for it but the demand does not exist. I can call spent and the manufacture and they both tells me the same thing demand is not there. I do a search and I have post on forums about them and nothing. I guess open source is the answer to everything!
Do not be petty about the question I asked, most of you have given very good answers to the question and I like that. While some just did not seem to get it.

Thanks all, it was real.

Again I use any OS, any software that is right for the job.

P.S. if the demand is not there for anything they it will no longer exist, it is that simple.

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