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Apple Ever since Apple launched its 'Get a Mac' campaign, with the accompanying 'I'm a Mac - and I'm a PC' ads, lots of people have voiced their opinions on the campaign; the content has been discussed, the actors, the humour; however, relatively little has been said about the actual goals - and consequently the effectiveness - of the campaign.
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A Few More Thoughts...
by NathanHill on Wed 7th Feb 2007 03:28 UTC
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I agree with some commenters already.

I agree that the PC isn't really overtly being made fun of. Again, I think you are meant to like both guys - they are both personable and friendly. Sure, the Mac is the younger, straight guy, more in tune with what is hip. The PC guy is still friendly though, a little socially awkward, maybe even more practical in some respects. He's your goofy uncle that means well even if he is a little eccentric.

The key thing is that they are talking together. The ads are also reinforcing, other than the Mac's key things (digital media integration, ease of use, etc.), that they talk well with PCs. By using a Mac, you aren't isolating yourself or speaking some other language. You can do anything a PC can do... and maybe even without some annoyances.

The ads even seem to say, in some sense, that Windows is here to stay. Apple is NOT trying to shove it off screen and smugly laugh. Apple is doing its own thing - Macs are a great option against the run of the mill Windows beige/black boxes. There is coexistence implied.

Clever ads... they are fun to watch, I guess. Better than Budweiser and Coca Cola commercials at least.

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