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Apple Ever since Apple launched its 'Get a Mac' campaign, with the accompanying 'I'm a Mac - and I'm a PC' ads, lots of people have voiced their opinions on the campaign; the content has been discussed, the actors, the humour; however, relatively little has been said about the actual goals - and consequently the effectiveness - of the campaign.
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RE: black macbook
by NeoX on Wed 7th Feb 2007 04:44 UTC in reply to "black macbook"
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Well I havent bought a Black MacBook, but I have a White one that bought in July, before the newest models come out. I'll tell you what I think of it: I absolutely love it. I am a Mac user and have been for the past 10 years or so but I am also a Windows User and have made custom PC's for gaming, graphics, development and web for many years. I have been supporting and trouble shooting Macs and PC's for many years as my line of work. I say that so you can see that I am not a Mac Zealot but am a Computer User.

That said, I will say that this little MacBook has been the best Laptop I have ever owned. Matter of fact it has been the best Mac I have ever owned, and believe me I have owned a lot including top of the Line PowerMac G5's. It is fast, it is stable, it is designed superbly. It is even a better design then the MacBook Pros at the time, IMHO. Changing out RAM and the HD are extremely easy and considered DIY so it does not void the warranty. Trading out the HD in a Pro model used to be more involved, I don't know if the new models are the same. Anyway I upgraded my Ram to 2GB and my HD to 160GB. Rock on, you will have fun with this little puter.

With that said, the only bad part of these systems is the, relatively speaking, sucky graphics GPU. It uses an Intel GMA 950 integrated solution. Have no worries though, unless you are into games, most things run great. Heck even Vista will run with Full Aero on a MacBook with 1GB RAM. OSX limits the GPU share to 64MB, but Vista will up it if you have 1GB or more.


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