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Windows Microsoft will not close a loophole that offers consumers a cheaper way to upgrade to Windows Vista. Users can install the upgrade version of the new operating system as a fresh installation, even if they do not currently own a licensed copy of Windows XP. The procedure is time consuming, but allows users to save about 35 per cent of the purchase price for the regular Windows Vista.
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RE: just buy some hardware
by oxleyn on Wed 7th Feb 2007 13:40 UTC in reply to "just buy some hardware"
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The OEM version is cheap and if you are a "System Builder", i.e. someone who knows how to build a PC yourself then you are legally entitled to purchase the OEM version.

However, according to the OEM EULA the OEM version is tied to the motherboard of that PC, so, you can upgrade you PC but not the motherboard. If you do so you'll need to purchase another OEM license. Nice eh?

The bottom line is that the OEM license isn't transferable between PC's and thus is somewhat a false economy.

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