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KDE "Like the previously featured articles on new KDE 4 technologies for Job Processes or SVG Widgets, today we feature the shiny new multimedia technology Phonon. Phonon is designed to take some of the complications out of writing multimedia applications in KDE 4, and ensure that these applications will work on a multitude of platforms and sound architectures. Unfortunately, writing about a sound technology produces very few snazzy screenshots, so instead this week has a few more technical details. Read on for the details."
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RE[3]: are the Gnome crowd......
by jkroon on Wed 7th Feb 2007 16:36 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: are the Gnome crowd......"
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Well I gladly admit that I have no deep knowledge of the inner workings of binding C++ to other languages, and if you guys have found a way to autogenerate bindings for other languanges thats great news.

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