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Games "Windows has been the best OS for gamers for years, and Vista takes that to the next level. That's all well and good for games made with Vista in mind, but what about your existing game library? Last May, when Vista was at the Beta 2 milestone, I wrote a feature in which I installed around 15 games on the unfinished OS, describing how well each one worked. Now that Vista is 'done' (in as much as any OS is ever actually finished), it's time to do it again. This time, I'm going to use the final Vista release, a DX10 video card (not that it really matters with no DX10 games), and all the drivers available upon Vista's launch. I'll also take a look at a lot more games, around 25."
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It's not just Quake 3. I play Quake 1 like an addict, but on Vista with a fairly decent system (4.6 experience rating, only the 2 gigs of RAM holding me back), my framerate fluctuates from 99 fps to 12 fps on a regular basis. The problem is the OpenGL support in the drivers. Both ATI and NVidia said they were going for stability at this point, which is fine and there, but doesn't do us any good. Stable at 15 fps isn't exactly playable. This isn't Microsofts problem so much, they rewrote the driver framework to work better, and as a consequence the manufacturers have to rewrite their drivers. In 6 months to a year we will probably be thankful, but for right now I can't play Quake.

Unfortunatly, those of us who have upgraded to Vista are in a small minority right now, and going by the video card manufacturers we aren't large enough for them to support well when most people still use XP. In a year or so, when plenty of people have bought PC's with Vista, we can expect to see them to improve things.

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