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Window Managers "The ROX Desktop is a lightweight alternative to GNOME or KDE built around the ROX-Filer file manager. The project's name is an abbreviation of 'RISC OS on X'. The ROX Desktop's performance is reminiscent of IceWM, and it's noticeably faster opening programs than GNOME or KDE. However, its speed comes at the expense of a needlessly redundant default configuration, and some users may balk at some of the assumptions its design makes about how they prefer to work."
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by Calvin on Wed 7th Feb 2007 23:56 UTC
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The thing I hate the most about ROX (Although I really like it) is that there doesn't seem to be anyway to change the size of desktop icons. The default size is too small for my taste. I guess thats what I pay for a fast light desktop that works on my slower computers.

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