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GNU, GPL, Open Source Tucson Amateur Packet Radio is sponsoring a plan to encourage and popularize the idea of open source - for hardware components. The organization released a draft of an open source license for computer hardware this month, and issued a public call for comments on the draft. The new license is already drawing criticism from prominent members of the open source community.
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What they should be doing
by Bounty on Thu 8th Feb 2007 16:50 UTC
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So basically what the 'open hardware' supporters should be doing, is to provide for, or advocate for a documentation framework. Say maybe a wiki for 'open' hardware ideas. Then it's in the public... open, and documented to prevent others from enforcing patents on it. This is good because it doesn't involve a viral license, and someone could use part open and part closed to make something.

BUT... how do you keep the original creator of the HW design from later patenting the idea? This would be necessary to protect everyone downstream. Maybe before posting to the HW documentation site, you have to agree to give up your rights to patent that idea? Would that even be binding?

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