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Windows "I have a huge list of all of the tweaks that have been done to the operating system but I'll save that for next week. Also, if you're wondering, you can expect Windows Mobile 6 devices in the marketplace worldwide by second quarter 2007." More here (screenshots). Betas of WinMob6 also had integrated VoIP support via SIP in them, but it doesn't seem that this was announced along the other features.
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I am the owner of a Dell Axim x51v, probably the last 'true' PDA as I would expect anything newer will have a phone in it. Anyways, I can tell you as an OS, WM 2005 is a really bad one. Based on WM2005, I don't expect WN 2007 to be better.

Here is just a sample of problems:
1) The Axim is really slow powering up, but it has a 628 Mhz ARM processor! How slow you say? Well, if I want to add a contact, between pressing the power button and being able to enter something often exceeds 15 seconds.

2) Bad battery life, about 3 hours of video or 3 days of light use.

3) The OS is really bad at basic things, most annoying is that when you close a program it is not really closed. This means you often have to check what is still running and kill it manually (Start, Settings, System, Memory, Running Programs, zzzzzz)
You would expect many OS related stuff to be standard but it isn't, you have to buy it, like a decent Task manager, a decent Network explorer for wifi, a decent browser.

4) The good thing about WM is that it has multitasking, but the problem is that there is not really a common area on the screen that indicates status of programs in a consistent manner, and most apps have different interfaces even for standard stuff (Save, Edit, etc)

All in all, WM has to go much further to make it a good OS.

Related rant: It's such a pity that Palm never came up with something decent. I think it would be possible to extend the Palm interface to multitasking using some tab based interface with a common area to manipulate the tabs. I wish they would settle on either Kobalt or Linux type OS and bought Styletap for compatibility with old apps.

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