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In the News Canonical Ltd., the sponsor of Ubuntu, and Linspire Inc. the developer of Linspire and Freespire, on February 8 announced a technology partnership to integrate with each other's Linux distributions. Linspire/Freespire will be based on Ubuntu, rather than Debian, and Ubuntu will integrate with Linspire's CNR package installer/updater.
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Best of Both
by fretinator on Thu 8th Feb 2007 21:26 UTC
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Having used both Distros, I have to say I like the partnership. People complain about how "hard" it is to install a Linux application. With CNR, a single click is all that's needed. People really do like that. On the other hand, Linspire always tended to be a little behind in its program selections. Ubuntu does a better job of balancing up-to-date packages with stability.

As a side note, Mepis is also based on Ubuntu. Who knows, maybe Ubuntu will be that "one ring to rule them all". The fact that Ubuntu itself is based on Debian is a plus to me. We don't have to worry about the world getting too "Ubunutuized", since there is a solid, free (libre) bedrock upon which Ubuntu rests. Having a lot of experience with Debian, I would say Ubuntu is the polished, real-world implementation of the idealistic Debian platform.

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