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BeOS & Derivatives Cosmoe is back. "Well, I couldn't stay away. My lengthy hiatus away from working on Cosmoe is now over, and I am back in full force! For those of you not familiar with Cosmoe, it is a BeOS API (or Haiku API, if you will) environment running on Linux." There's even a screenshot.
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RE: BlueEyedOS?
by Guillaume Maillard on Thu 8th Feb 2007 22:47 UTC in reply to "BlueEyedOS?"
Guillaume Maillard
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As the main developper of BlueEyedOS (B.E.OS), I have to say that the current status of B.E.OS is "sleeping".
The main reason is that we (the B.E.OS team) delivered some times ago, a demo CD (a 200MB bootable iso file) of something that I could name a 'preview'. The font rendering was great and controls had a correct rendering.

It was far ahead the current Cosmoe, and OpenBeOS (the old name of Haiku, last time I had time to look at it).

By "sleeping", I mean that such project needs a lot of work and faith, and that as soon as I have enough time to make B.E.OS as good as BeOS was, curious people who will try it, will say "wow".

I still believe that systems with gnome and kde are not an alternative to Windows; and that Haiku will go nowhere due to:
- a lack of drivers (even linux [with a lot of developpers, money, big companies support] is far from a good system for common usage)
- a lack of real applications.

Exciting technologies are today, for me : the power of the Core2Duo, Java6 with the damned great Eclipse IDE, iLife on MacOSX and Maya on WindowsXP, web related servers with Linux, dtrace on Solaris and JNode.

In today's world, no one cares about creating/selling/using/buying a 'state of the art' operating system.
If not, could someone explain us why big companies could spent hundreds millions dollars to buy a website like youtube, when only few millions could be used to create a technicaly Vista killer?

Managing my own software company, I can confirm that the only financial contacts I had with Google, were to pay adwords bills ;)


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