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Windows "I have a huge list of all of the tweaks that have been done to the operating system but I'll save that for next week. Also, if you're wondering, you can expect Windows Mobile 6 devices in the marketplace worldwide by second quarter 2007." More here (screenshots). Betas of WinMob6 also had integrated VoIP support via SIP in them, but it doesn't seem that this was announced along the other features.
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Ok valid points
by Wondercool on Thu 8th Feb 2007 23:20 UTC
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Good points indeed, malkia and frozen5555 but don't you still think they stripped Windows (2000 and XP) to make it easier to port programs but thought about the interface later?

Arguably the most important GUI widget of Windows is the taskbar. They just left that out of WM, but the rest still feels very 'Windowy'. I still think the interface is a mix of (bad) ideas and there is no consistency.

Palm looks dated now I fully agree, but what I loved most was the 'never save' interface, a program just came back instantaneous. I don't think this is possible any more with MP3 players and wifi etc. But, just imagine a central place (taskbar!) where you can manage your programs, and a major upgrade to Palm OS (using either linux or v6 palmos or beos tech) to bring it into the 21st century with old Palm support by the use of an emulator (Styletap + palm v3 technology?), while keeping long battery life (I think a week should still be possible). At least the palm interface was consistent and snappy.

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