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KDE Just over a year ago, Tim Butler wrote an article which outlined why he thought the GNOME Project was clearly the free software desktop project with the best vision of the future. KDE's Appeal Project, which has been brewing for some time now, looks to a different set of issues that need solving and has some very smart minds at work on solving those problems. In a few words, KDE's got some of "that vision thing" too, according to Tim.
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RE[11]: The problem with KDE
by segedunum on Sun 21st Aug 2005 21:41 UTC in reply to "RE[10]: The problem with KDE"
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Suse doesn't exist anymore.

Hmm. So that's why there is Open Suse and we still have Suse Pro and SLES.

It's Novell and they have put Ximian in chare of the desktop efforts.

Where? And I'll point out that there definitely is no such thing as Ximian now.

Can't get rid of and shit? The shit is the Qt license and that's why no big vendor will touch KDE

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......... Please reply to the above comments and arguments as to why it isn't a problem. Saying it several thousand times does not make it so.

You're still trying to justify a possible dual-licensed glibc. You have no concept of how business works.

You have no concept of what software development is, the effort required or the investment needed to do it. That's why dual licensing exists.

That is business.

It's you losers that chose a toolkit with a bad license.

Yawn. Please reply to the many comments on the subject on this article as to why it isn't so. Simply saying it several thousand times makes no difference whatsoever.

You are a laugh, I'll grant you.

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