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KDE With the Sonnet library for KDE 4, developer Jacob Rideout hopes to reinvigorate the field of desktop linguistics by adding automatic language detection and other innovative features. Sonnet is to be for KDE 4 what KSpell 2 is for the current version of the K Desktop Environment, providing spell-checking facilities to applications as diverse as the Konqueror Web browser, Kopete instant messenger, and KWord office software. Unlike KSpell, however, it will also provide grammar checking, multilingual tools, and perhaps even translation, dictionary, and thesaurus functionality across all of KDE.
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In fact the many KDE4 libraries projects are at a pretty much advanced stage in code. Now what is lacking most for this libraries is polishing, and determining what is wrong in the API to insure its stability over the KDE4 lifetime.
But, the integration in applications is lacking, and that might not happen in 4.0, and that will probably not be finish before 4.3. And that's only reason to hold your breath ;) Having a good technology doesn't mean it will be used by all immediately.

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