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Features, Office This is a long review of modern Word Processors. Part 1 published today covers Open Office (open source cross platform), as well as MS Word 2007, and WordPerfect X3.
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RE: Abiword
by Coxy on Fri 9th Feb 2007 12:18 UTC in reply to "Abiword"
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'Bullshit. The point is that Windows is simple and does not make progress. You expect it to work. The same applies to wordprocessing. Now that Word made a revision users will feel the pain.'

-- Seems to be what people want and need judging by the size of the user base. If Users are going to feel pain as you put it, then they'll also feel the pain sitching to open office as this is also a new interface to learn. What usability studies have you conducted to prove that users will 'feel the pain' of a new interface?

'Just to reduce their procurement costs, even when they take MS Word in the end. These investments really do pay off.'

-- Yeah, they'll be useful for sending the staff on training courses for OpenOffice, and don't forget they'll need to pay someone to help with support issues, businesses won't want to wait for a member of the 'open source community' to reply to a forum thread when they have deadlines to meet.

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