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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Samsung is following Apple, MS & LG in the trend where cellphones involve "big, wide touchscreens" as their main look and feel. Their Ultrasmart F700 phone has a qwerty keyboard, 2.8" widescreen, 5 MP camera and 3G support. We are not sure at this point if this is a smartphone which allows you to develop and run native applications or if it's just a glorified "feature phone". The whole interface is based on Adobe's Flash while a recent press release along with the claim of "full HTML browsing" makes us speculate that the phone possibly uses the Opera web browser -- possibly on top of Linux.
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Bad UI? What about Motorola
by PhilB on Fri 9th Feb 2007 13:09 UTC
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I ve never tried the samsung phones as i have always found them too "girlie" but in the bad UI category I can't think of anything worst than Motorola UIs.
Userfriendliness is not on their to do list either.
5 years ago it took 3 people to work out how to enter a name in the phonebook. Today it is near impossible to transfer a ringtone through bluetooth. hopeless.

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