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Apple Apple plans to crank up the anti-Vista rhetoric at its international chain of retail stores later this week, the latest move in a broader bid by the Mac maker to undermine the new operating system release from rival Microsoft. The campaign, set to get underway this Saturday, will include new store displays and employee t-shirts gently mocking Vista as little more than a washed-up attempt at a modern operating system, those familiar with the matter say. In a multi-page training manual made available through the company's internal retail system this week, Apple challenged its employees to learn and tout the Mac's many existing advantages over Vista-equipped Windows PCs.
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RE: who is Apple kidding
by japh on Fri 9th Feb 2007 17:35 UTC in reply to "who is Apple kidding"
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"Mac apologists claim Apple is not interested in growing market share."

No, like other people have said: It's more about not trying to beat Microsoft. Of course they would want a bifgger market share. But not if it lowers their profit.

"Take a hint people. That strategy is not working and nobody is switching because of those silly adverts. You are stuck at 3% and that will not increase."

I read today that the market share in France went up from 2.6 to 3.3 percent last quarter. That seems to contradict what you're saying. The growth numbers were similar for the US last quarter if my memory serves me.

"Apple needs another strategy: Make OEM partnerships, allow OSX installs on non-apple hardware and stop living in denial."

If Apple thought that they would be making more money that way and that there wouldn't be any long term problems, don't you think they would do just that?

I'm pretty sure they even spent at least as much time as you have, analyzing this. But then again, you might be smarter.

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