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KDE Just over a year ago, Tim Butler wrote an article which outlined why he thought the GNOME Project was clearly the free software desktop project with the best vision of the future. KDE's Appeal Project, which has been brewing for some time now, looks to a different set of issues that need solving and has some very smart minds at work on solving those problems. In a few words, KDE's got some of "that vision thing" too, according to Tim.
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RE[13]: The problem with KDE
by segedunum on Sun 21st Aug 2005 22:20 UTC in reply to "RE[12]: The problem with KDE"
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Haha, how many more millions have been pumped into KDE...

None whatsoever. I find that comment hilariously funny in view of the millions Eazel burned through on Nautilus (yes a file manager!) before they went out of business and Ximian on Evolution and Mono. How much did KDE spend on Konqueror, Kontact and their development tools?

Nuff said.

Get this through your cobweb-infested brain, all of windows is going .NET, so just that fact makes Mono more important than KDE or Qt will ever be.

You might want to get this through your cobweb infested brain - .-N-E-T i-s a W-i-n-d-o-w-s t-e-c-h-n-o-l-o-g-y. Windows technology is not portable between operating systems and is not portable to Mono. Indigo and Windows Forms are simply the tip of the iceberg. T-h-e m-a-r-k-e-t o-n L-i-n-u-x a-n-d U-n-i-x i-s C-+-+ a-n-d J-a-v-a. That's where the money is.

M-o-n-o m-a-k-e-s n-o m-o-n-e-y w-h-a-t-s-o-e-v-e-r.

There are also no development tools whatsoever for Mono. That finishes it right there.

Got that? Now wasn't that fun?

Have you tried eclipse with GCJ? Bahah, its slow as molasses, and buggy as hell.

As far as I'm concerned, Mono is slow as hell, but there you go. Anyway, at the moment, that's irrelevant as development is continuing. There is a market (you know, money?) for Java that Red Hat wants to get into, plus, there is an IDE and community and development tools around Eclipse. That's the clincher. Once they get that up and running it's bye, bye Mono.

Suse is a brand name

Suse is still a large division of Novell, and I wonder why they don't just get rid of the name and replace it with Novell like they did with Ximian. Funny that.

Ximian is in charge of desktop efforts.

Wonderful and easy statement to make, but unfortunately there is no such thing as Ximian now and as such there is simply no evidence that they are heading anything. Sorry, but you're fantasising again.

Please, tell us what this mythical Ximian division is up to, what their development efforts are and how we know this is the case. I'd love to know what happened to the Ximian Desktop (are their releases silent and covert now?).

If Ximian were in charge we would see a full-on, supported and focused XD and Gnome desktop with full support for Novell's admin tools, web applications written with Mono, Gnome tools expanded instead of YaST and Gnome as the default desktop on all their server products. Surprise, surprise, we don't see that any of that, do we? (ROTFL)

I have a feeling we've been down this avenue before, but it's fun to see you do it again.

know that its completely insane to push any meaningful development on a desktop whose toolkit is controlled by the Trolls.

Well, Sun have actually not come out and ever said Qt licensing or KDE was a problem. If you have a link to a Sun employee that has said that then please share it with us. Gnome was simply the best fit for Sun given their development (they like writing stuff in C and using CORBA).

It doesn't seem to stop Novell from developing YaST and its modules with Qt and it doesn't seem to stop them from developing KDE software like TaskJuggler (developed by Suse and Novell employees). Funny that.

I agree with you in a way, Novell should probably ditch KDE

Given that they're not and they're using it in core, money-making products like OES and SLES I highly doubt it. But there you go.

I notice you refuse to talk about Novell's core products though. Funny that.

instead of pretending they still care about KDE.

Well, considering they actually use it and develop meaningful software for their products with it it's obvious they do. I don't know why they pretend to care about Gnome by hyping meaningless software like F-Spot, which Novell itself in no way endorses, but there you go.

I love the ringer you put yourself through and I love your partiality to lost causes.

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