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Apple Longtime Windows expert Scot Finnie gave the Mac a three-month trial as his primary machine for work and home use. After 3 months, he concluded: "If you give the Mac three months, as I did, you won't go back either. The hardest part is paying for it - everything after that gets easier and easier."
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RE: Disagree
by zbrimhall on Fri 9th Feb 2007 21:21 UTC in reply to "Disagree"
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Darwin != BSD. Sounds like you would have been better served by buying a Dell laptop and installing your OS of choice. Macs are designed to run Mac OS, and that's just the way it is. Apple doesn't go out of its way to prevent people from running other OSs on their hardware, but none of their design decisions are made with an aim to make it any easier to do so. I don't really look at this as vendor lock-in; rather, my decision to buy a MacBook was made by taking a hard look at what OS I wanted to run, and then looking for the most appropriate hardware based on that decision.

The short of it is that if you're trying to use anything other than Mac OS X as your Mac's primary operating system, then you bought the wrong computer.

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