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Windows "When Microsoft brings out a new operating system, it's always nice to know that you can actually take advantage of it. Sure, you're used to whatever you currently have, which is most likely Windows XP, but you also know that sooner or later, something new will come along that requires the new operating system. So when Vista finally shipped, I decided that the time had come. I'd upgrade one of the machines in the back room."
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RE: Wait, what?
by Dually on Sat 10th Feb 2007 02:09 UTC in reply to "Wait, what?"
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I know what you mean. After reading this I am thinking this guy must be new to computers. His comments about not knowing what 'nero' is, along with the fact that he uses Norton AV (worst ever).

Also I looked up that Compuvest website to see the price of the nVidia FX 3000 and its $500! Why not just pop in and pickup a FX6200 AGP for $40, I don't think he really is doing video gaming/cad on his spare computer. I also would have liked to known which Quadro card was already equipped with his system. <- Search nVidia FX 3000

It also states that he is a longtime technology writer and an author of four technology books... scary stuff.

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