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Linux Yesterday, Linspire and Canonical issued a joint announcement that Linspire would begin to base its distributions on Ubuntu rather than Debian, and that Ubuntu users would be able to use CNR to install proprietary applications and drivers, starting with the Fiesty Fawn release. Linspire is just the latest distro to switch from Debian to Ubuntu, though it may be the highest-profile distribution to do so. Are other distros in talks with Canonical? Steve George, Canonical's director of support and services, says that Canonical is in talks with other vendors, and says, "I think you'll see some announcements next week about other people using us as a platform."
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a few parent distos many children
by matthekc on Sat 10th Feb 2007 09:35 UTC
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it is true there are many distro but if you stop and step back you will see a large number have one of the following bases slackware, debian, mandrivia, or fedora how far they stray is arguable but a good number of the modern distros are only a few steps away from their parent

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