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Java Thanks largely to the open sourcing of the JDK, 2007 promises to be the most exciting year in Java programming. With the developer community in the driver's seat, expect to see Java programming propelled forward, backward, and sideways, probably all at once. This article takes a look at what's ahead for Java in Open Source and predicts what is coming for the Java platform.
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RE: My suggestions
by Savior on Sun 11th Feb 2007 15:40 UTC in reply to "My suggestions"
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I agree to nearly everyone ;) Modularity, and getting rid of deprecated stuff should be prio 1. As is an MVM, if they really mean to conquer the desktop.

I wouldn't mind if they really started a new "java #2". I would like to welcome tail-call elimination, say goodbye to primitives, etc.

If only...

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