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Windows Forbes takes a look at Vista, and writes: "More than five years in the making, more than 50 million lines of code. The result? A vista slightly more inspiring than the one over the town dump. The new slogan is: 'The Wow Starts Now', and Microsoft touts new features, many filched shamelessly from Apple's Macintosh. But as with every previous version, there's no wow here, not even in ironic quotes. Vista is at best mildly annoying and at worst makes you want to rush to Redmond, Wash. and rip somebody's liver out." They also look at Office 2007.
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That guy
by Nelson on Sun 11th Feb 2007 17:56 UTC
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has almost no idea what he's talking about.

Mod me down if you want but I had to say it.

"You'll still have to add your own antivirus software, a new Vista-ready version at that."

Well considering that Microsoft stopped the AV companies from running in kernel space, I'd call this a good thing. Why the hell should they need to be in the kernel when Microsoft (will release/released?) the security APIs that they used in Vista.

"Many touted improvements, like the Web browser and media player, have been available for XP for months. One minor winner is Vista-only: file lists that update their contents automatically. You no longer have to hit View and Refresh to see files added since you last opened the list window. Macs, of course, have done this for years."

So if they don't add backwards compatibility it's a crime. If they do it's a crime?

Microsoft doesn't follow the same release cycle as Mac. Get over it.

"Should you upgrade your current machine? Are you nuts? Upgrading is almost always a royal pain."

You know, considering that Upgrading and a Clean install are almost one in the same in Vista now.

"I suggested to one Windows product manager that if the company were truly serious about security, Vista might offer a simple way to delete files securely and eliminate all traces of identity and passwords so you could safely pass the machine on or sell it years from now. His reply: "Does any other operating system do that?" That tells you all you need to know about Microsoft. The real slogan: "No innovation here."

First off, how the hell would that help security? If anything data loss would go up dramatically.

There are plenty of programs that do this for you if you're that worried about it.

In the end, this guy did have some slight truths and points in his article but overall it wasn't a very informed one.

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