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Apple "Ten years ago to this very week, Steve Jobs killed Apple. Or he began to take apart many of the projects and organization that many inside and outside the company thought of as Apple's value to the computing industry. This event was the announcement of the company's infamous spring 1997 reorganization, which continued step-by-step throughout the spring. For the company's long-suffering developers and ISVs, push came to shove at the annual WWDC, where Steve Jobs revealed his plans for Apple's future direction. Today, with the iPod-influenced haze over of recent Apple history as well as the success of Apple's retail strategy and the Intel-Macintosh transition, we forget that some of that 'future' talked up in 1997 never happened."
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by sp29 on Sun 11th Feb 2007 21:24 UTC
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I don't agree with that, because how will you do real work on a small phone even with a monitor plugged in, a phone doesn't offer the computer power in raw processor and memory strenght, let alone a decent video card to do real work. I mean correct me if I'm wrong, because I don't see that coming in the next few yrs.

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