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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris The first beta release of the upcoming Mandriva Linux 2007.1 is now available for download and testing: "Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring Beta1. Main changes: GNOME 2.17; KDE 3.5.6; Firefox 2.0; new suspend and hibernate infrastructure (with bootsplash support); new DNS servers framework (using resolvconf to handle DNS servers from multiple interfaces, and sort them by interface priority); documentation is included on live systems." Update: AdamW, OSNews reader and Mandriva employee, just emailed me that the .iso images of the Mandriva One live version are not yet the official beta version; the version currently on their servers is an earlier version with certain issues. The conventional installation .iso's are fine, though. The correct Mandriva One 2007.1 Beta 1 .iso's will be released early next week.
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RE: Wanna Try It?
by Wemgadge on Mon 12th Feb 2007 04:38 UTC in reply to "Wanna Try It?"
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Forgot to mention that these commands do not actually upgrade the linux kernel. They upgrade your GNU and your non-free goodies (assuming you selected PLF).

This build fixes the way that x-windows draws baghira... so I am happy.

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