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Microsoft Microsoft has long held a skeptical view of open source, but the Redmond-based software company is trying to change some of those attitudes with the establishment of officelabs. officelabs is a new internal start-up that is attempting to use some of the methodologies of open-source software development to invigorate the company and generate excitement about new Microsoft products. Specifically, the people behind officelabs want to adopt the 'release early, release often' approach that has worked well for open-source projects such as Linux and Firefox.
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M$? thanks
by lost on Mon 12th Feb 2007 08:16 UTC
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MS was and still remains a cathedral... if it doesn't share the source code and changes license it will never become a bazaar.
I mean that if I contribute to an open-source project, probably I will need to use that software and I can use it for free. Why help someone that later will ask money to use its product? If it want my help they have to pay me!
This is an example to show that the methodologies of open-source software development work good only with real open-source software, not for MS closed products and its bugs zoo.

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