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IBM IBM has announced an open-source desktop, running Lotus apps and Firefox on top of Red Hat or SUSE Linux. It's based on an internal project which has deployed Linux desktops to several thousand IBM staff, in what IBM said was one of the largest corporate Linux roll-outs to date. It added that its Open Client Solution can also take in Windows and Mac users, as there's Lotus software for those as well - although it admits that the Mac version of Notes 8 isn't due until later this year.
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IBM & Linux C4EB
by lfeagan on Wed 14th Feb 2007 02:41 UTC
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Some information for everyone. This is not all I know, but it is what I am pretty confident I can state.

The Linux C4EB is currently RHEL4. However, there is a SLED based C4EB in the works. Pretty much any developer can use the Linux C4EB if they wish to. I cannot speak for more general office workers or support personnel access to the Linux C4EB.

On Windows Notes 7 is not Eclipse based. However, on Linux Notes 7 (the current release) is Eclipse-based. Notes 8 (Hannover) will be based on Eclipse on both platforms. This unification of the two will result in a dramatically better experience for Linux users. Notes 7 Linux takes a ridiculously long amount of time to load. Notes 8 is much better. Fortunately, even in Notes 7 most things worked pretty well. Attachments can be a bit wonky, also things like TeamRoom Plus are slow as a dog.

Notes 8 is a vast improvement. Many people will be impressed by its features and ease of use. The underlying framework, the Workplace Managed Client, is a significant upgrade and expansion of the features present in Eclipse. In my mind Notes 8 will be the premier office management tool for Linux users. I am happily using it on openSUSE 10.2 and have not had any problems interacting with my team, all of whom use Windows. I would love to convince them all leave Windows and the Microsoft tax.


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