Linked by Mike Bouma on Mon 22nd Aug 2005 09:11 UTC
Amiga & AROS Crisot has made available a new demonstration video (xvid avi mirror1|mirror2 MPEG1 mirror1|mirror2) showing the AmigaOS4-beta implementation of the unique AmigaOS feature, screen dragging. For recent user screenshots of the AmigaOS4 pre-release look here.
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RE: RE: Longhorn or OS 4?
by henrikmk on Mon 22nd Aug 2005 10:26 UTC in reply to " RE: Longhorn or OS 4?"
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What makes you say that? What monitor does Crisot use?

Don't know, but it looks like a standard CRT, which takes a second to adjust to different resolutions by going black between Workbench and the 3D demo he has running on a different screen.
It would have been more fun to watch him switch as fast as he could between Workbench and Personal Paint which are the same resolution. :-) This would demonstrate how fast it is, compared to switching virtual desktops under Linux.

I know I can't keep up with my A4000 with an old 25 Mhz A3640 card when switching screens. :-)

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