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Hardware, Embedded Systems The world's first commercially viable quantum computer was unveiled and demonstrated today in Silicon Valley by D-Wave Systems, Inc., a privately-held Canadian firm headquartered near Vancouver. Quantum computing offers the potential to create value in areas where problems or requirements exceed the capability of digital computing, the company said. But D-Wave explains that its new device is intended as a complement to conventional computers, to augment existing machines and their market, not as a replacement for them.
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RE[5]: hmmm
by MightyPenguin on Wed 14th Feb 2007 15:26 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: hmmm"
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Supposedly someone has figured out how to entangle (or whatever the magic is) the photons in a stream and then send them happily on their way and so eavesdrop on communications. Not sure about altering them though. Sorry I can't remember who announced it.

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