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Amiga & AROS Crisot has made available a new demonstration video (xvid avi mirror1|mirror2 MPEG1 mirror1|mirror2) showing the AmigaOS4-beta implementation of the unique AmigaOS feature, screen dragging. For recent user screenshots of the AmigaOS4 pre-release look here.
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How is memory protection doing?

Mmm... fairly well I guess. There is partial memory protection in OS4 for PPC applications, I think, and much better stack overflow handling.
In short, stability is much better and it's much harder to bring down the entire OS, but it's still possible...

I suspect the kernel will continue to develop, even after OS4.0 is done. There are still some things that haven't reached the public yet, in terms of kernel features.

How well is the tcp stack doing?

Roadshow is there. Done. :-)

Where's a decent browser to be found?

Well, the thing is that there is a mysterious lack of effort going in porting either Firefox or the KHTML engine. Currently, there is iBrowse and AWeb as the most decent browsers, but the current state of both would fall under the category "ridiculous". :-)

I'm the project manager of the AWeb APL Lite browser and have been pleading for a port of KHTML for about 2 years now. Until now, efforts have been less than satisfactory.

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