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ReactOS ReactOS 0.2.7 has been released. The ReactOS homepage hasn't been updated yet to reflect the release, but you can download it from their SourceForge page. You can get a live-CD, install CD and a Qemu-image. Update: screenshots.
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RE: Changelog
by evert on Mon 22nd Aug 2005 11:07 UTC in reply to "Changelog"
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Thanks for the link. because it's very slow at the moment, i've copied and pasted the first part:


With the release of 0.2.7 we, the ReactOS Team, have once again gained further compatibility with Microsoft Windows. We have aligned our headers with those of the Windows SDK which gives us a greater range of driver compatibility. We have also kept ourselves compliant with the latest GCC compiler which with our new build system provides a faster and more efficient building processing. We have elected a new UI coordinator and work has begun to redo the interfaces seen by the user. Many of our advancements aren't obvious to the end user, but rest assured that the inter workings are coming together with work in USB, Plug and Play, and networking that will blow you away in our next release.

Main 0.2.7 Changes

Header clean up to compatible Windows SDK headers. Implemented and used NDK. ReactOS is now built with our own headers. Alex Ionescu, Filip Navara, Steven Edwards
New My computer, Command Prompt, and Logo Icons. Mindflyer
New build system called rbuild. Based on xml, it allows for auto generated makefiles. Casper Hornstup
Improved appearance of the first stage installer. Alex Ionescu
GCC 4.x.x build fixes. Thomas Weidenmueller, Alex Ionescu

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