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Microsoft Microsoft is accusing rival IBM of orchestrating a campaign to block efforts to standardize Office document formats. In an open letter released Wednesday, Microsoft executives contend that IBM is trying to influence the standards process to limit choice. It also said that IBM is encouraging governments to mandate a document format that IBM favors. Pot, kettle, something.
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by Jezza on Thu 15th Feb 2007 06:57 UTC in reply to "So..."
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I don't think it's about the open interchange of documents between software suites. I have always had the suspicion that the whole point of ooxml was that a document would be able to be made in OOo and opened in Word and would display correctly. Where there would be a fundamental binary incomaptability or something that meant that files made with Word would simply not show correctly on OOo, for example.

It is the only reason I can think that MS would do this.

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