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Windows El Reg has reveiwed Windows Vista. "So, there's our first look at Vista. It does benefit from a lot of good ideas, many of them Apple's, of course, but good nevertheless. It simply doesn't work very well, unfortunately. There are serious problems with execution; it's not polished; it's not ready. It should not be on the market, and certainly not for the outrageous prices being charged. Don't buy it, at least until after the first service pack is out. Don't pay to be a beta tester." Elsewhere, analysts believe Windows Vista will take a bite out of Mac's market share.
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RE: more of the same
by Bully on Thu 15th Feb 2007 10:08 UTC in reply to "more of the same"
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As long as there are more people using XP then there are Vista there is no good reason for devolopers to make their programs vista only.

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